Flamin’ Sweet Chilli Sauce


Flamin’ Sweet Chilli Sauce made with Naga chilli. Very HOT. 220g in a glass bottle.

Flamin’ Sweet Chilli Sauce is made  from mixed chillies which includes the famous Naga chilli.


This sauce is not like any other sweet chilli sauces available. It is very unique in flavour and the aroma you get when you first open the bottle plays games with your senses. Once on the tongue you get a sweet taste and just as you think that is it you then get a very unique kick of heat which is not over powering, the sweet and chilli flavour work so well together it leaves you reaching for the bottle over and over again. The texture is that of any condiment but floating around in the bottle are all the different herbs and spices and of course the chilli seeds.



Weight 600 g


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