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Who We Are

We are a family run business which like many others started off as just an idea a “what if……?” the global pandemic was getting its grip on the world and working from home gave us the opportunity to think about us, our children and our family. Working for ourselves was something that we always dreamt of but with our busy corporate jobs was always put on the back burner.

Our signature Flamin’ Sweet Chilli Sauce is something we have made for many years and never thought that this is what we were meant to do until the summer of 2020 when Mass Spice was born!

Since then as the cliché goes “the rest is history”.

A Few Words About

The Family

We are a family run business and our aim is to bring flavour and spice to your BBQ table.


Founder - CEO


Product developer


Marketing Director


Intern Manager

UK Shipping

We currently offer shipping to mainland UK.

Best Quality

We mostly use local suppliers to support the UK economy and our local community.

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Payments are taken over a secure site supported by a leading ecommerce merchant.

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