Flamin’ Sweet BBQ Marinade


Flamin’ Sweet BBQ Marinade.  Flavoursome, smoky marinade with Asian Spices and it comes in a  220g glass bottle.

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Our marinades are made in the UK, London.


Tomatoes (tomatoes 65%, concentrated tomato juice, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid), Golden Syrup, Onion, Water, vinegar, vegetable Oil, Mixed Herbs and Spices, Mixed Chillies, Molasses, Salt, Sugar, E330, Smoke Flavouring, E202 and Xanthan Gum.


Our Sweet BBQ Marinade is designed to make life that little bit more easier for those who want to marinade meat/chicken and don’t have all the necessary ingredients in the kitchen cupboard. The same as our BBQ Marinade it is hard to not dip you finger in to a get a taste. The flavour is unique and is exactly what the label says ‘Sweet BBQ Marinade’ but with slight twist, you also get a hint of chilli and taste amazing with lamb or chicken.


Comes in a glass bottle size diameter 47ml, height 201ml and holds 250g of marinade.

Flamin’ Sweet BBQ Marinade is made  from mixed spices which also includes a small amount of the famous Naga chilli.

The marinade has a smoke flavour and it can be used to make BBQ chicken, Chops and you can use it as the base sauce for any sweet curry.  The marinade itself is not very spicy but it has a tiny amount of heat to it to provide the famous MASS Spice kick!


Weight 600 g


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